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We provide elegant and custom websites for businesses of any size

Every business needs a tasteful, well-built website. We’re here to provide across-the-board web solutions to businesses of any size.

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Our Vision

Passionate about web development

At Broch, we think every businesses deserves a great website, no matter its size. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for most small businesses, so we’re here to help them build a solid online presence, starting with an refined and fast website.

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Our Tech

Relentlessly pursuing speed

Our software choices are always centred around providing the best possible end user experience, and speed is a massive part of that. For programming languages, we mainly use JavaScript/TypeScript alongside Rust in performance-critical areas. JavaScript is heavily used worldwide and has a vibrant community, with constant work being done to speed up its runtime. Rust is an extremely fast, low-level and very safe language designed for the maximum performance. For databases, we use MariaDB or MongoDB, both well-supported and highly performance conscious.

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Our Name

Brochs: solid, reliable and efficient

Brochs are Iron Age forts found in Scotland. Many of them survive at least partly to our day, and Broch Mousa (shown here) still stands for than 40 feet tall. Their drystone construction was strong without needing any mortar filler, and their double wall design was highly resistant to attack. For more information about brochs, check out a 3D Model created by Historic Environment Scotland.

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