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At Broch, we give you the best. Unlike most websites for small businesses that are built on a CMS like Wordpress, our custom websites are completely flexible, highly performant and rigorously tested for security.


We rigorously prepare sites against cybersecurity threats. Our modern architecture vastly reduces possible vulnerabilities to malware, injection and denial-of-service attacks. We strictly follow or exceed industry best practices to keep your business and your users safe.


We use caching, pre-rendering, server networks with hundreds of worldwide locations and performance-optimized code to make your site lightning fast. Speed helps provide a great experience for your users, improve your search engine rankings and engage more customers.


Worried about changing content later? Content for a Broch website can be partly or almost wholly controlled by a headless CMS, giving you the speed and security advantages of a completely custom site along with an easy-to-use interface for updating content.


Make your site stand out with anything from 3D graphics to games to high-performance computing. Without needing plugins or fitting into a CMS, Broch websites can incorporate almost anything possible with a computer.
Photo of the glowing ends of a fiber-optic cable, such as those used in a CDN
Content Delivery Network

Speed and security through a CDN

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) provide extra speed and security to a website, and we use them on all Broch websites. A CDN is a network of servers, sometimes in hundreds of cities around the globe, that act as a layer between the client and the website server. This means they can cache (store temporarily) files like images where they are physically closer to the user to be faster to send, plus they identify and filter out hacking attempts. This both protects the website and makes it faster.

Photo of a rocket taking off
Search Engine Optimization

Stand out and take off with SEO

Getting to the top of the Google search results page is more important than ever, but there are dozens of factors involved. We keep Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind with every line of code we write. Our easy-to-search pages, thorough use of page metadata, and SEO-friendly architecture combine to help you get higher on the search results page, and more visible to more potential customers.

Photo of multiple screens on different sizes
Responsive Design

Look great on every screen

As people spend more and more time on phones and other mobile devices, it is vital that your website’s design scales well. This is an area where CMSs like Wordpress and Wix often struggle, but at Broch we design from the ground up with mobile devices in mind. The end result is a responsive design that transitions smoothly from 4-inch phones to 4-foot TVs—whatever device your user might be using.

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