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Stay relevant and secure

Accelerate your site, bolster its security or even completely migrate to a modern platform. Broch can help you make your website adapt to the changing market, stay safe and grow.


Security Improvements
A critical step to staying secure is keeping a website’s code well-updated, as these updates often bring security fixes. These updates bring other benefits such as performance improvements and bug fixes. Broch’s security updates also involve keeping certificates and operating systems running smoothly and securely—to protect your business and your customers.


Performance Optimizations
Speed is a key user experience and search engine ranking factor. Depending the site, we can optimize its loading time by up to 80%. We holistically analyze the loading process, from the global architecture to individual file sizes, with a determination to reach the maximum possible performance.


Content Updates
Continue to engage customers with a dynamic website. We can update sites built on several platforms, and combine content updates with other kinds of updates. The ultimate goal is for your website to stay effective, interesting and easy-to-use.


Architecture Migration
Do you have an existing site that needs a complete overhaul? We can start from the content and design language that you have already and make you a fast, secure, completely custom website built on a modern architecture. This will bring you the biggest performance and security improvements—leaving you with a future-proof, highly effective website.
Photo of a server stack, showing different platforms
Update Multiple Architectures

Across the board overhauls

We work with several of the most popular backend and frontend systems, so we can update sites built on different architectures. We can update server-side code (backend) alongside client-side code like styles and interactivity (frontend) to fix bugs and update content throughout the system.

Closeup of a brush and palette
Design Updates

Refresh your design

Dated design can spoil otherwise good content on a website and can even make it seem unprofessional. If you already have a custom site, we can modernize the design to draw more attention to your business while staying true to your brand image.

Photo of web app code on a computer screen
Web App Updates

Debug, update and accelerate web apps

We don’t just update static websites. We optimize backends and databases to fix problems, improve performance and update content for web apps. We have experience with several platforms, and if you aren’t sure what your architecture is, we can help you find out.

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