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Our web apps are flexible, secure and powerful—all the way through the tech stack, helping you to draw more traffic and scale with it. Reach new customers, and better serve the ones you have now.


Cloud-native architecture
We carefully consider the needs of your application to choose the right architecture for your specific project. Being built with the cloud in mind means having easily scalable applications, enhanced security and reduced expenses. When possible, we build for a serverless architecture—the ultimate in scalability, speed and cost.


Combined with our efficient architecture, our code is written with an obsessive level of performance optimizations. Performance bottlenecks are hunted out and optimized. For performance-critical code, we can write it in Rust or Zig, low-level languages that are among the fastest ever. This gives users a crisp, smooth experience and keeps costs down.


Flexible servers
Building in the cloud means having a very scalable application. Servers can be started automatically to deal with increased demand, then stopped to save costs when use decreases. We can build our web apps to take full advantage of auto-scaling abilities. This reduces expenses while keeping optimal performance, no matter the traffic.


We rigorously prepare sites against cybersecurity threats. With our cloud-based architecture, we can strictly protect internal resources, and our applications are triaged at every step to root out potential vulnerabilities, from denial-of-service to authentication failures to illegal code execution. We are firmly dedicated to keeping your business and your users safe.
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High-quality programming

The right code

We take programming seriously at Broch. With knowledge of several powerful languages, we can always use the best tool for the job. Vue.js and React are both flexible frontend frameworks that work well with lots of data and help to provide a clean, bug-free interface. TypeScript is a safer alternative to JavaScript that was built for the web and can be compiled and safely run almost anywhere. Rust and Zig are low-level languages that provide the ultimate in performance, with Rust particularly excelling because of its commitment to safety and concurrency.

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Completely Flexible

Ready to grow

Our web apps are built to scale and grow. Once deployed, servers can be scaled automatically to grow with the usage. With a flexible, modular design, new features and even whole new services can be added to an existing web app without needing a complete rewrite—and with minimal downtime. Keep the users you have, and make it easier to adopt new features.

Photo of a hiker in a very isolated place, who could still use a PWA.
Progressive Web Apps

Take it offline with a PWA

Web apps have traditionally been limited because they have to be connected to the internet. But, thanks to Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), a group of specifications that have already been supported for several years, web apps can save what they need offline and present an interface and experience similar to a native app. PWAs can appear in their own window, without a browser interface, and store and serve files and data offline.

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