Published 10/23/2023

Writing Content for SEO

By Asher White

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Search engines are key ways to get potential customers to see your site, and these programs often your first chance to convince them to visit your site. But, of the billions of websites, how do you make sure yours appears? Writing good content with search engines in mind is the key, and this blog post explores how to do that.

First of all, every Google search is basically a question. Google picks the entries that it thinks are most likely to answer that question. It takes into account dozens of factors for this, and even Google engineers don’t completely understand every part of the system. So, the best way to optimize your content for search engines is to optimize your content for your users. Research what keywords your target audience is likely to search for, and try to answer those questions.

To find out what keywords to include on your website, think about what users are likely to search. Even it’s a statement, there’s always an implied question, so try putting it in question form to see how you can answer it. From those potential searches, make a note of some common words between them—you’ll want to be sure to include these keywords on your website. Then, try searching those questions, and see what other people did to reach the top few spots on those searches.

The most important part of SEO is writing good content that answers questions. By researching keywords, you’ll know what questions your target audience is asking, and you should be sure to answer those questions in your content. Never stuff keywords into content just for the sake of keywords—content that isn’t helpful for users will bring your search engine rankings down. Instead, use your keywords in your content to indicate where to find the answers to potential questions. If your target audience tends to have questions about something that isn’t directly related to your business, a blog might be a good idea to draw traffic to your site and boost rankings for that target market.

Another reason to have a blog is the importance of having good linkable content. Linkable content is content that people outside your business would want to share, creating links to your site. When those links get counted by Google, it helps your site to rank higher. It does help to add links to your site in a business profile on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., but the most valuable kind of links are those that you can’t make yourself. If your content is useful enough for other people to link to you (i.e., another blog linking to your blog, or a review linking to a product information page), those are the most valuable links. The more popular the site linking to yours is, the bigger the boost your search engine rankings get. How do you get other people to link to your site? Simply by having the best content on the internet for whatever your field is. Just like your business, no matter its size, has to have a literal unique selling proposition, there needs to be a good reason to use your content instead of everyone else’s. By finding a niche and focusing on writing high-quality content for it, you’ll get more links from other sites and higher search engine rankings.

In conclusion, the best way to write content for search engines is to write solid content for your users and other visitors. Research what questions your target audience is asking, and answer them. Focus on a field where you can provide the best content on the internet, and earn links from other sites. By doing so, you’ll increase traffic to your website, build your brand and ultimately help your business succeed.

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